Did you fall for an independent woman? Congratulations! Here’s an instruction manual to deal with her

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An independent woman can be intimidating. She is confident and self minded, and she often can come across as inaccessible.

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before. — Albert Einstein

It’s easy to fall for an independent woman: her self-confidence is hard to resist, her “I don’t take shit from no one” attitude impossible to ignore. She’s a magnet; you want to learn more about her, listen to her talking about her projects, achievements and passions. …

Actions are more powerful than words

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“I Love You” is far more profound than a beautiful statement.

Everybody adores listening to “I Love You”; most of us remember the first time we heard it from our loved one.

But saying “I Love You” it’s easy: it's merely wording. This emotional sentence can be used as an expression of feelings but also manipulatively: a person trying to be forgiven, to have sex or whatever crosses their (unethical) mind.

Throughout my 46 years, I’ve been involved in a few relationships, but the deepest and more meaningful was with my partner. We were together for 13 years. Until a surgery ended all. …

6 useful tips I use in my writing

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Show don’t tell is one of the most relevant writing techniques, it confers quality to the texts and involves the readers, it grabs them.

What is Show don’t tell?

Show don’t tell is easy to, theoretically, understand. However, it can be complex to apply it.

But the good news is, once you understand it and use it, there’s no going back: your writing will include it, intuitively.

The writer, Anton Chekhov, defined Show don’t tell like this:

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on the broken glass.

The difference between Show and Tell

As a writer, your goal is to provoke a reaction in your readers, take them to feel the emotions your character is feeling. …

Realistic strategies to upgrade your writing skills

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No matter how long you’ve been writing, there’s always space for improvement. The craft is never perfect — nor it will ever be. But it becomes increasingly better. And who doesn’t want to be better in what they do?

I’m not the writer I was six years ago, the time when I first exposed my writing to the world.

I improved my techniques; I learned the rules (and how to break a few). I perfected my voice; I learned about my states of flow, my triggers to write, and the ones that freeze me.

I also learned that I never suffered from the so-called “writer’s block”. What I suffered was an acute sense of perfectionism and fear of failure. I still have them, but now I control them, not the other way around. …

Audiobooks are saviours for book lovers struggling with free time.

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A side note: my experience is exclusive with Audible app, so I wrote this piece having that in consideration. Other apps might offer different options.

Since I first listen to an audiobook, a couple of years back, I got hooked.

I love to read, both in physical and e-book format, so at the beginning, it was a bit strange to listen to a book. Not that I ever shared the opinion of many, that listening to books it’s not real reading (of course, it is!); it was the detachment I felt.

When I read a book; I immerse into it, I live the plot and emphasise with the characters. I completely disconnect from the real world and transport myself to a fiction one. It felt different when I had my first experience with audiobooks. …

On adopting reversed parenting models

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Positive role models should be a part of everybody’s life.

The primary role models we have are our parents — they give us life and they shape us; they pass to us their beliefs; they transmit us their values and knowledge.

Parenthood should always be an enrichment process.

Parenthood isn’t a one-sided relationship. Children learn through their parents, but they also teach them immensely: they teach them to be parents and they also make them invest in self-discovery.

But not all parents have the skills or the willingness to be good ones. …

You can love deeply more than once in your lifetime

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Once upon a time, I lived a beautiful love story. One that didn’t have a happy ending. The love of my life died.

We met at work, after both the companies we worked for merged. For reasons neither of us knew, we were placed working together in an office. We spend at least eight hours a day together, enclosed in a square space.

Day after day, we shared work-related emotions. We supported the other when stress attacked us, we mutually helped to lower down the workload.

We also share the music in our office; we laughed together and cursed at the bad news, and our demanding boss. …

While my friends and acquaintances suffered losses, the pandemic gave me opportunities

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I’m not one to overthink my emotions. I feel how I feel and I’m good with it.

I embrace joy the same way I embrace sadness: with acceptance and openhearted, ready to learn the lessons each situation offers me.

But feeling happy during a worldwide pandemic where everybody lost something or someone, makes me question my level of selfishness.

Two of my close friends lost their jobs because of the pandemic. …

An insight on therapeutic writing and its major benefits

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Any form of art can be therapeutic. An activity that gives you pleasure and takes your mind away from your problems always has a positive impact on your mental health.

Writing is a form of art; it’s a powerful therapeutic resource: it makes you confront your problems. But it also gives you the skills to solve them.

What is therapeutic writing?

The concept is simple: write whatever goes in your mind, with no filters or judgments. Don’t think if it’s wrong or right, if it’s nice or rude, or if you should be ashamed of it.

Don’t use your mind, write from your heart.

Therapeutic writing must be unfiltered; free-writing. …

7 tips on how to live on a budget and still being able to save money

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Financially, for me, this has been a challenging year.

When the first lockdown started here in the UK, I was one of the lucky ones that kept her job and were paid furlough. However, I went off sick and because of my inflammatory disease — which causes me flares of intense pain — I’m not able to do overtime as I did before.

Now, I’m only working 24 hours a week; which, of course, doesn’t pay me enough to keep me up the surface. I had to find an alternative.

Working part-time gives me lots of free time, which allowed to invest in my passion: writing. But we all know how hard it is to make money as a creative. Still, here I am, trying my way through it.


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