Realistic strategies to upgrade your writing skills

No matter how long you’ve been writing, there’s always space for improvement. The craft is never perfect — nor it will ever be. But it becomes increasingly better. And who doesn’t want to be better in what they do?

I’m not the writer I was six years ago, the time…

Did you fall for an independent woman? Congratulations! Here’s an instruction manual to deal with her

An independent woman can be intimidating. She is confident and self minded, and she often can come across as inaccessible.

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever…

Actions are more powerful than words

“I Love You” is far more profound than a beautiful statement.

Everybody adores listening to “I Love You”; most of us remember the first time we heard it from our loved one.

But saying “I Love You” it’s easy: it's merely wording. This emotional sentence can be used as an…

6 useful tips I use in my writing

Show don’t tell is one of the most relevant writing techniques, it confers quality to the texts and involves the readers, it grabs them.

What is Show don’t tell?

Show don’t tell is easy to, theoretically, understand. However, it can be complex to apply it.

But the good news is, once you understand it and…

Memorable quotes from an inspiring human being

I’m not one to admire actors or musicians: I appreciate the work of some, but I never got interested in their personal lives. But there are a few exceptions, where Robin Williams is included.

I felt his death the same way I felt Freddie Mercury’s: with sadness and an honest…

4 apps (3 free and 1 paid) incredibly helpful for those who don’t write in their native language.

For many of us writers, English is not our first language, and that poses an additional challenge.

From the conception of the idea to pressing the “send/publish” button, we go through a lot of steps. Each of us has their methods but, in general, we all go through the same…

[on the chaos of being a writer]

Writers have the ability to transform reality. A writer has power.

In our hands, painful experiences become emotional memories, framed in beautiful scenarios (that camouflage the sorrows.)

With us, the losses are wrapped in an intimate goodbye and the in-love gazes are transmuted in magical words.

But don’t fool yourself!

I lost the love of my life six years ago. The memories are alive, but his voice is fading away.

Grief is a very personal and subjective experience. Each one of us has our own timing, and we manifest it in different ways. Including not manifesting it (to others) at all.

When I lost my partner — the love of my life — I lost part of myself. …

What is sleep paralysis and how to deal with it.

Some years ago, when I got acute Tinnitus, I went through the most challenging period of my life.

The ringing inside my brain was so loud that it turned my life upside down. One consequence was to make me sleep-deprived. …

7 things to consider before you move in with your partner.

The longest relationship I had was with the love of my life. We lived together for thirteen years; we were torn apart when a high-risk surgery took him from me. We were happy “till death tear us apart”. And we only dated for three weeks.

Now, almost seven years later…

Leona Brits

Storyteller | Daydreamer | Writing on Personal Development; Relationships; Fiction and Writing

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